Customer reviews

Melanie, Sydney (blue point kitten)

Sandra has made our experience of getting a new Siamese kitten incredibly rewarding, extremely smooth for both ourselves and our cat, and certainly very memorable in the most positive ways.

After first getting in contact with Sandra, and deciding that we wanted one of her newborn kittens to be part of our family, she kept us updated with photos and progress reports every week. As our beautiful boy, who later turned out to be a gorgeous blue, had only just been born, we had to wait for 12 weeks, as Sandra takes care of both the initial vaccinations and de-sexing. Being a first-time cat owner, I was extremely grateful for all her insights and expert advice, which she generously shared with us in the lead-up to bringing our blue boy home.

Our kitten has an outgoing and lovely personality, and is a beautiful looking cat. I really got the sense that Sandra is committed to ethical practice, and really cares for the animals, doing everything she can to ensure that they find good, loving homes. I cannot speak highly enough of her breeding standards and passion for the quality and purity, but also the wellbeing and care of her exquisite Siamese cats.

SHILO (Shiloh Blue Simba )

Darryle, Sydney (seal point kitten)

Bond is truly part of my life now and is a pleasure to have as a pet and mate.

Bond (Shiloh Bond)

Bev, Newcastle (blue point kitten)

I wanted to let you know our little boy is just so beautiful. We love him so much. He has settled into the most amazing pet. Siamese are just so intelligent. He always responds to his name. We love Kali so much.

Kali (Shiloh Mau’u Kali)

Elizabeth, Central Coast (seal point kitten)

Taryn came to our home in July 2019 and our family of five primary aged kids absolutely loved him. He is now King of the house and loved by all. He has an incredible personality which helped him to quickly settle in within a few days. He sleeps with one of the kids every night and he wants to be with us whenever we sit down to read a book, have a coffee or watch TV. He is a loyal friend and extremely good company. An excellent addition to our house.

Taryn (Shiloh Prince Taryn)

Janelle, Windsor (seal point kitten)

It’s impossible to do justice to the impact that Seamus Shiloh has had upon our household!  He is bubbling with spirit and a fervent desire to communicate.  He is wonderfully vocal with a boundless compulsion to tell you all about his day!  And I love the head bumps. His intelligence and sensitivity are expressed not only in his interactions with people but he is a wonderful companion to my other two cats, finding his place in our family seamlessly and without a single issue.  I cannot recommend Sandra highly enough.  She possesses a wealth of knowledge and her passion for Siamese cats is expressed in the quality of kittens she produces and the outstanding accolades she receives on the show circuit. 

Seamus (Shiloh King Arthur)